Terms and conditions

Reservation and payments

To book a riding vacation or one of our horseback tours simply call us or our representative or send an e-mail.

Usually we are able to confirm your booking in 24 hours. A deposit of 50 percent of the total coast is required to hold the reservation.  The balance of the total coasts of the trip is required to us no later than 30 days before your departure.  In case of short rides the total balance is required three days before the ride or latest with the booking.

If you must cancel your reservation, your cancellation fee will be determined according to the fallowing formula:

31 – 60 days              50 percent of the price of the trip

30 days or less         100 percent of the price of the trip

Cancellations must be made before 4:pm  (eastern time) on a business day, Saturdays, Sundays and legal Holidays are not considered business days.

If you must postpone your tour to another scheduled date, you may do so upon payment of a US$ 30 postponement fee per person and upon at least 31 days written notice to us. You must reschedule your tour to occur within one year of the date of your original reservation and only one postponement is possible.

For short rides we charge the full amount in case participants are not showing up.

The Release form must be signed and returned to our office with initial deposit. If the Release is not signed latest by the start of the tour date, Paradise Riding reserves the right to handle the reservation as cancelled.

Itinerary Changes

Paradise Riding reserves the right to change the itinerary of the tour in case of unforeseen circumstances. Paradise Riding reserves also the right to cancel a trip in circumstances of nature and/or any occurrence out of our control, and our sole liability shall be a full refund of the traveler´s deposit or any payments made to us.

Equipment and Clothing

All riders are required to wear appropriate riding clothing and equipment including but not limited to a riding helmet and appropriate riding boots.

Travelers Responsibility

As a traveller you have responsibilities to Paradise Riding, other riders in your group, the horses and the nature of Costa Rica, Make sure the trip is appropriate to your ability and being in sufficient health to undertake the trip. Preparing the trip by discussing it with your riding instructor and packing appropriate clothing and equipment.

Acting in an appropriate and respectful manner and in accordance with the customs and laws of Costa Rica. Making the instructor and/or guide aware, if you feel unable to participate in a particular activity for any reason and to decline to participate.

Travel Insurance

We recommend you to buy a travel insurance witch includes trip cancellation and interruption coverage, baggage loss, medical coverage and more.